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Kid's Yoga

If you think of people in seemingly impossible and weirdly twisted poses when you think of "Yoga", then you may not have an inkling of what yoga is, just an inkling that's it. Yoga is much more than just those poses. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures (asanas) and meditation.

Yoga works for everyone from people engaged in desk jobs to professional cyclists to runners to people looking for weight loss to housewives to students.
Yoga is effective to prevent and cure several health problems. But each yoga style has certain health benefits.

Whether its’ Pranayama, Dhyaan, Surya Namaskar, Matsya Asana, or anulom vilom etc. Our facility is designed to conduct regular "Yoga" class for "Mom" & "Kids" in order to keep both "Mom & Tiny Tots" healthy & fit.


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