Kids Gym

Kids Gym

A unique concept by Mom & Tiny Tots to keep your Tiny Tots fit and healthy.

For the first time in the western suburbs a concept of "Kids Gym" has been introduced keeping in mind that there is a need for even kids to remain "Healthy & Fit”. You just can not stop your from eating pizza, burger, ice cream, chocolates, cold drinks and other junk food – all these are rich in fat & sugar. On top of it cartoon channels and video games has further reduced the possibility of further physical activities.

So while they enjoying watching their Daddy go to the gym with a small gym bag on his shoulder, it’s time for your kids not to Act but actually enjoy the "Gyming Experience” on their own.

While our specially designed equipments for the kids like "Tread mill, Shoulder Press, Weight Lifting, Air walker etc." help kids to reduce the fat and keep them healthy, the fun involved with it brings them to our centre.


Various puzzles help your kid to sharpen their mental ability to solve the complex problems. These mind games not only keep them engaged but this also helps them to learn how a complex problem needs to be fixed in a systematic manner. Such activities are an integral part of their cognitive development.

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