5 Healthiest food mom and kids can enjoy together

As a mother, you would surely want to feed your child with the healthiest food that you can put together. But it’s seldom that your child would want to have what’s nutritious. While most dietchartmomnbaby3of the nutritious food choices lack the taste the kids prefer in their food, like you, most mothers are forced to give up to their kids indiscreet demands and give them the unhealthy food they like to have.

To solve your problem, here is a list of 5 healthy and delightfully tasty food choices that would help you fulfill the nutrition requirements of both your child and you.

1. Fruit salads with honey, cream or cheese dips

Fruits are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, in addition to being low in fat and calories. Most kids love the sweet, sour and tangy flavor of various fruits. Fruit salads get even more irresistible to them when you add cream or honey to it.

Honey, apart from its taste, is known for its antioxidant/ anti-bacterial properties and also as an instant energy booster. The nutritional quotient of the salad gets doubled with added cream, because of the iron, calcium and vitamins in it.

This diet helps moms and tiny tot stay fit and energetic all day long.

2. Sandwich stuffed with egg and mayonnaise

While on one side 100% whole wheat bread or brown breads would offer you healthy bowels and low weight gain, on the other hand, it would make your child happy with tasty sandwiches when stuffed deliciously.

It is often seen that eggs are among the favorites of most kids. Eggs are also the store of numerous vitamins, minerals, zinc, copper and iron that’s extremely necessary for both you and your child on a regular basis for staying healthy.

The combo of the above thus becomes a power house of nutrients and with mayonnaise in it, which is an antioxidant; it becomes a power house of taste too.

3. Vegetable Pikelets

Give a change to your taste buds with different combination of vegetables in your pikelets. Pikelet is variation of pancake made out of a range of ingredients in its batter.

While different combinations of vegetables in it provide innumerable nutrients, milk and cheese in it strengthens bones. Fried in butter and topped with grated cheese, it is perfect for both your child and your lunch boxes.

4. Macaroni or pasta salad

Find one child who dislikes pasta or macaroni! Do you think they would say no to it when you add some finely chopped vegetables to it? Of course not!

Adding a vegetable or two at a time to the macaroni will help you get the much needed nourishment into your child’s tummy with barely any hard work. When cooked with the new low-fat healthy and tasty recipes, macaroni salads could become an awesome dish that you and your kids could share together.

5. Frittata with vegetable or non-veg toppings

Enriched with vegetable, cheese or meat toppings, frittata is variation given to thick omelets. They easily become anyone’s favorite with their wonderful combination of ingredients and taste.

With all the eggs and healthy toppings, they sure to keep your child’s and your stomach full for a long time with nutrition.

Share these nutritious foods with your baby and get inspired to experiment with more such dieting options.

Written by Priyanka Rele

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