Preparing Your Child For Preschool

A lightning out the blue… that’s what it feels for a child who suddenly lands up in a nursery!

It Picture1 is very rare that you find a child who is all pepped up about their first day to preschool. Moving to a new environment (preschool/nursery) out of their comfortable home care can make most children scared and hesitant. However, with good habits, preschool becomes stepping stone to good life for your child, but it has to start with

Here are a few suggestions to smoothen your child’s transition from home to school.

Comfort lies in familiarity

Take them to school for as many days as possible before they have to. Make them familiar with the teachers, show them how other kids are running around, playing and enjoying. Go with them to the washrooms and help them use it.

Learning is fun

Buy books and CDs with rhymes and alphabets. Teach them what to do with the books and their stationery. Even kids who have been to playschools might get scared with when they see books and don’t understand what is going around them. Knowing things and easily grasping things easily right from day one at school will boost their confidence and hence their liking for it.

Communication is the key

Put the learning part to good use when it comes to talk the way out. A large number of families live outside their natives these days. For such families it is extremely important to teach their child the local language or English for being able to communicate with the ones around them.

For them to enjoy at school, they will definitely want to have friends or to express themselves if they have any problems and that will happen only when they can communicate.

Memorize the way to school and home

Making sure that your child memorizes phone numbers and address should top the list of activities you do before your child goes to school. Being able to contact you at the time of need is most important.

It is also a good trick to take them to school for a few times in advance and building a story around the places that fall on the way. This way they would know if they are being taken to the wrong place in case it’s a cab driver bringing them back.

Red Alerts

Teach your child who to trust and who not to. They should know that it’s just their parents and teachers who should be trusted. Make them understand about the bad consequences of accepting anything from strangers and to avoid it no matter how tempting it looks.

Train them with breadcrumb strategy where they can connect the dots during unexpected situation.  Have your secret codes. Ask your child to ask for the code before trusting anyone.

Self help is the best help

Though all schools have caretakers to feed the children and take them to washrooms but it’s not just your child they are responsible of. For the times when the caretaker or baby sitter is busy with the other children, teach your child to go to the washroom by themselves. Teach them to ask for permission and eat by themselves when they are hungry.

Get involved

Talk to them about their fears and solve them. Build a good rapport with them. Talk to them each day about what they did all day so that they continue the habit even when they go to school. This way you will be aware of everything that’s going on in their life in your absence.

Written by Priyanka Rele

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