Active Learning Class

Active learning is a process whereby kids engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote exploration, creation, and evaluation.

Mind Games
Various puzzles help your kid to sharpen their mental ability to solve complex problems. These mind games not only keep them engaged but this also helps them to learn how a complex problem needs to be fixed in a systematic manner. Such activities are an integral part of their cognitive development.

Story Telling
In our fast-paced, media-driven world, storytelling can be a nurturing way to remind children that their spoken words are powerful, that listening is important, and that clear communication between people is an art. Storytelling can be an interesting pathway to discover how we came to be who we are as people, as families, and as sub-cultures within the larger society.

Why Storytelling? More Reasons...

Gaining verbal skills
Becoming verbally proficient can contribute to a student's ability to resolve interpersonal conflict non-violently. Negotiation, discussion, and tact are peace-making skills. Being able to lucidly express one's thoughts and feelings is important for a child's safety. Clear communication is the first step to being able to ask for help when it is needed.

Both telling a story and listening to a well-told tale encourages students to use their imaginations. Developing the imagination can empower students to consider new and inventive ideas. Developing the imagination can contribute to self-confidence and personal motivation as students envision themselves competent and able to accomplish their hopes and dreams.

Passing on Wisdom
Storytelling based on traditional folktales is a gentle way to guide young people toward constructive personal values by presenting imaginative situations in which the outcome of both wise and unwise actions and decisions can be seen.


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