learning and recreation club for your little magical toddlers

About Us

Mom & Tiny Tots is a drop-in child, learning & recreation club for your little magical toddlers who would love to escape to a “magical world” that is a home to great fun & learning activities. A world designed for the utmost entertainment of the little ones while they get an opportunity to sharpen their skills and knowledge. Fun, Care, learning and much more under one umbrella.

Mom and Tiny Tots ensures that every kid’s needs are met by making each individual’s interests, safety and happiness central to everything we do. We understand that in today's busy world both mother & father have to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Along with your child’s development & learning there are many other things that demand your attention. But the biggest challenge is to take some time off for yourself and recharge. So whether it's weekly shopping or your parlor appointment, unavoidable meetings or a cozy & romantic time with your second half, now you can head-out with a carefree mind. We ensure that we take care of your child in your absence.

So, why not make your kid's time productive when you are busy taking on the other responsibilities? Various activities at Mom & Tiny Tots make sure that your kid is having a great time, when you are away. We promise you that your child will not like to go back home soon leaving the wonderful fun learning environment.


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