Mother and Toddler Activity

Do you want your little bud to turn into a beautiful flower?

If yes, then it requires utmost care and affection to empower his or her developmental domains like a bud which needs sunlight, water, etc. in right proportion. At Mom & Tiny Tots we understand this need and offer a learning program for the mothers to understand and discover various developmental domains i.e. physical, language, social, cognitive and creative that is essential for your child needs in the early months. The program facilitates the child to interact with others, to be aware about his / her surroundings and to be more expressive. Mothers with toddlers aged from 8 months (should be able to walk) to 24 months can participate in this program. Toddler's short attention span has been taken in to consideration while designing the program and the learning will be facilitated through an array of activities which help strengthen the bonding between the mother & child.


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